There are many groups in the Okanagan who are working to help sponsor refugees and support their transition into life in Canada. 

Central Okanagan Refugee Committee 

The Central Okanagan Refugee Committee (CORC) is one of the most experienced groups and are the de facto leaders among the sponsoring committees, and our partners we are working with most closely. Recently, they have sponsored a family of 7 from Syria, and are presently in the process of sponsoring another family of 5. They are also presently supporting a refugee family from Colombia. They are based out of the joint efforts of three United Churches in the Central Okanagan, and have been working in this area for many years, providing helpful guidance and feedback in our efforts.

CORC's Facebook Group (open for public membership)

Catholic Diocese of Nelson 

The Catholic Diocese of Nelson, and specifically the congregations of St. Charles Garnier and St Pius X, are also very involved in helping refugees, including presently sponsoring 8 families within the Okanagan valley. We are also learning from their experiences, guidance, and support.

Kelowna Community Resources

Kelowna Community Resources works with all immigrants and refugees who come to Kelowna in a variety of ways that support adjusting to life here. They provide workshops on Canadian life, do employment training and referrals, help with paperwork, and provide translation services, among many other services.

Photo by: Craig Merkl, art for sale in a recent fundraiser for one of our sponsored families. Used with permission.