CORC — Central Okanagan Refugee Committee


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  • First United Church of Kelowna
  • Rutland United Church
  • Winfield United Church
  • St. Paul’s United Church


  • Sponsorship Agreement Holder: United Church of Canada
  • sponsored five families since its inception
  • currently sponsoring 1 family from Syria
  • partnering with Islamic Center to bring more
  • maximum number of sponsorships entirely dependent upon donations and housing

Donation Needs


  • Monetary
  • Housing: Free or Rental accommodation, preferably in central Kelowna or Rutland, with good access to public transit.
  • Employment
  • Material: Donations or very reasonably priced large-family vehicles, eg. 6/7 seater vans or SUVs would be extremely helpful
  • Skills: GP in the Central Kelowna or Rutland area. Web developers(to create a Donate Here button on website)