Call To Action: Medical Aid To Syria

There are things we can do to help, even from far away.

The UBCO Muslim Student Association (MSA) is collecting medical supplies to send to Syria and to refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey and elsewhere. During December, drop off all donations at:

Kelowna Islamic Centre
1120 HWY 33
Kelowna BC

There is a dire need for a wide range of medical supplies and equipment to help treat the victims of this bloody conflict, including:

Home Care / Mobility Aid

  • wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes
  • CPAP and nebulizers
  • urinary and incontinence supplies

Emergency / Rescue

  • wound/burn dressing
  • air cast foot/ankle brace
  • cervical collar
  • splints (all types)
  • oxygen masks

Other Medical Supplies

  • unexpired medications
  • bandages (all types)
  • suction machine
  • IV sets

For more information or to donate medical supplies, contact the Muslim Student
Association at UBCO: or 250-899-6747