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How can I help refugee families?
Information and Volunteer Registration Event


Where: Okanagan College, Student Services Building
When: Saturday, March 12th, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

How Can I Help Refugees? This event will outline the current situation for 14 refugee families new to Kelowna. More than 60 people have recently arrived in the Central Okanagan. Alya Ramadan will speak about her experiences with Syrian culture.

We will also provide an opportunity for interested volunteers to sign up to provide support for refugee families. We are looking for:

  • Direct help: donations, family play dates, ESL training, job-search mentoring, grocery shopping buddies, translation, etc.
  • Specialized services: logistics, volunteer training, mental health, career orientation, fundraising, etc.

First line volunteers and workers from community groups and from Kelowna Community Resources (KCR) will be on hand to answer questions about the needs of families currently settling in Kelowna.

Jamie Henderson, an organizer from the Mission Creek Alliance sponsor group says, “Kelowna has an opportunity to pull together and welcome families coming from total loss and devastation. We know the families are eager to learn, work, and contribute to Kelowna.”

“There is a very clear desire to help, in Kelowna, we can really feel a wave of generosity and care. That’s how communities get stronger”, says Jennifer Bridge, from the Central Okanagan Refugee Commitee (CORC).

Interested volunteers can already sign up online at or through a Facebook page

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