Do non-Syrian refugees get a fair shake at receiving aid from Canada? - The Globe and Mail

“There is a belief, or at least a wish, that the wave of sympathy for Syrians fleeing home will lead to a permanent liberalization of Canadian refugee policy. ’I think the Syrian initiative has built our capacity and shown us what we can accomplish ... I’m hoping the government will apply those lessons to other refugee communities.’”

Liberals reach resettlement goal as 25,000th Syrian refugee arrives in Canada - The Globe and Mail

“While the minister has previously said the government hopes to settle a total of 35,000 to 50,000 by the end of 2016, he said the exact number – “in that ballpark” – will be outlined in the government’s annual immigration targets, expected by March 9. Out of that total, 25,000 are expected to be government-sponsored refugees. The remainder will arrive as private sponsors or through a blended private– and government-sponsorship process.”